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Skin & Soul Beauty Center for ladies has variety of Services

Our services

Pores Deep Cleaning+Skin Moisturizing

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It soften skin. reduces fine lines and wrinkles.hydrates the skin. lightens sun damaged skin and improves acne prone skin.

Acne Removal

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It can help the acne skin to soothe and inhibit bacteria, improve sensitive skin, and comprehensively relieve acne skin dryness, redness, sensitivity and other problems.

Essential Oil Face Massage

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Improve blood circulation to the face, improve the brightness of the skin

Essential Oil Neck and back massage

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Relieve neck muscle tension, relieve shoulder periarthritis, shoulder and neck pain.

Eyes Rejuvenation Treatment

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Prevent dark circles, crow's feet, bags under the eyes, puffiness to promote blood circulation.

Skin Tightenning Treatment

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Narrow the pores,Thin face and tight skin, Whitening and yellowing, Activate the cells, To improve blood circulation, To swelling, Accelerated metabolism.

Skin Brightening Treatment

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It can nourish skin and resist oxidation, effectively replenish water, whiten skin and light spots.


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Nano-microneedles can promote the combination of collagen and fiber cells in the body, so that the skin quality is improved, so that the skin is more moist, bright and smooth.


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It is a nutrient liquid based on hyaluronic acid that is injected into the skin and dermis to help the skin moisturize and improve the skin quality through its super water-locking function.

Dpl Spot Removal

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It treats acne scars.wrinkles. benign pigmented lesions(dark spots)and Shrink pore light spot whitening.

Dpl Skin Brightening

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It treats acne scars.wrinkles.benign pigmented lesions(dark spots)and Shrink pore light spot whitening.

Laser Painless Hair Removal

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Laser painless hair removal

Alura Body Building

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Magnetic plastic can help people exercise by focusing on magnetic vibration technology. Without exercise, it can stimulate muscle contraction by means of magnetic vibration, restore muscle elasticity, build waistcoat line, achieve muscle increase, thin arms and legs, build peach butt and other functions.

8D Hifu Skin Lifting

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The principle is that high energy focused ultrasound to the skin fascia layer, generate heat energy, activate skin cell activity, stimulate collagen regeneration. Smooth out wrinkles: eliminate forehead, eyes, decrees, corners of the mouth, fade neck lines. Lift sagging tissue: Tighten bags under the eyes, double chin, sagging cheeks, sagging eyes, and lifting eyebrow lines. Compact plastic: lift the slack parts, remove excess facial fat, smooth lines.

Eyelashes Lifting

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Eyelashes lift helps you to get the semi-permanent lift and curl of extension while keeping your nature lashes damage-free. It will last for 6-8 weeks.

Eyelash Extension

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Eyelash extensions is cosmetic application used to enhance the length, cut lines, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

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